COVID-19: A Pause for Global Dimming?

The sky is so clear today, isn’t it? Global Dimming is an interesting phenomenon. The effects of contrails and black carbon in the air are thought to block the sun rays coming to earth and therefore reduce the greenhouse effect. The last time we saw such a restriction in contrails was just after 9/11 which […]

Carbon Emissions 2017

And here it is, the long-awaited 2017 Carbon Footprint calculation! Using our utility bills, car and rail mileage, the Climate Care calculator, the lame Virgin Rail Footprint calculator, the excellent SCNF one and NEF‘s I have calculated that our family’s footprint is about 11 tonnes. To put this in perspective 11 tonnes is the same amount of […]

Clean Air Day

It’s National Clean Air Day today, so I wrote the following letter to my MP. Hi Ruth, Congratulations on your re-election to represent the people of Chiswick again. I am extremely concerned about the air pollution situation in this country and the lack of will by the current Government to address this with a cohesive […]