Darren Moore – London Green Party MEP candidate

Darren Moore Green Party MEP Nomination

The European project is one of the greatest movements of our time and has been responsible for implementing some incredible Green initiatives like improving our water and air quality, reducing working hours and tracking and reducing our CO2 emissions.

With our planet sending us louder distress signals almost daily there has never been a more urgent time for working together to transform society to meet our climate emergency.

If humanity is going to overcome its greatest challenge to date, it is essential we work together. I intend to do everything possible to keep this project together for the greater good of humanity, that means marketing its benefits better and also examining our divisions and tackling the inequality in society that has led to such feelings of unrest.

I am a trained Earth Scientist (Geology and Geophysics) with a deep understanding of the Earth’s physical processes and environmental science. I really appreciate nature and love to be outdoors and I’m currently enjoying the conflicts and challenges of finding nature in the City in Ealing.

I am an early supporter of the London National Park City Initiative. I support Ealing Transition and run a team of Soup Kitchen volunteers once every 6 weeks. I am also a trustee of Cultivate London a social enterprise that encourages access to nature in the City.

By day I run a boutique marketing company in Chiswick, enjoying the benefits of living and working locally – cycling through many of Ealing’s green parks as part of my day to day life. My job involves helping local, National and European businesses understand the UK market, and therefore understand how to make persuasive arguments that resonate with the population.

I will bring my energy, experience, and enthusiasm and also marketing know-how to the Green Party’s election campaign to reach out and touch as many potential voters as possible with our key values of community-based economics, social justice and sustainability.

My message is of hope and to dream of making London, the United Kingdom and Europe not only a better place to live and work but one that comes together to halt the upcoming climate catastrophe.

We’re not done yet.