Northfield Ward Ealing Council Elections are being held 3rd May 2018.

I believe that Ealing Council needs a green voice to ensure the council:

  1. Protects its green spaces.
  2. Considers the local environment to protect its residents.
  3. Is more transparent about planning decisions and ensures local development considers its impact on the local environment

In May 2018 I urge us all to think locally and elect a Green councillor in Ealing to make Northfields a better place to live.

Business as usual in Northfields would mean the usual battle between Conservatives and Labour squabbling about who will clean the streets better; a vote for a Green councillor will help focus on transparent positive change.

I pledge to find new and innovative ways to tackle:

  1. Air pollution: I will focus on encouraging active travel by improving the streets for pedestrians and cyclists.
  2. Tackle plastic: I will push the council to go plastic free and work on local initiatives to reduce plastic waste.
  3. Support local businesses: Local businesses and the local economy are vital for Northfields to thrive, I will work with local businesses to promote them and encourage residents to live and work locally.

There are three votes in the local elections in Northfield Ward make sure one of those votes is Green.

On a bigger scale, the Green Party and their representatives can always be relied upon to oppose Brexit, back Climate Change by opposing the expansion of airports like Heathrow, and fight to protect the natural world we love. Read our full manifesto here.

Darren Moore is a trained Earth Scientist (Geology and Geophysics) with a deep understanding of the Earth’s physical processes and environmental science. He loves nature and loves to be outdoors and is currently enjoying the conflicts and challenges of finding nature in the City. You’ll often see him walking and cycling about Ealing taking his two children to school. He runs a local marketing business, enjoys teaching local children coding and chess, regularly runs a team at Ealing Soup Kitchen and plays in local band Power, Corruption and Lies. More details at the Ealing Green Party