PC World Customer Service Problems

Update on the PCWorld DPD eCommerce problems.

25/04/2017 @ 9:30

Soon after I published my blog post about PCWorld’s terrible customer service I started receiving some strange comments on it.

At first, I thought they were a friend messing around with me. So I thought nothing of it but they kept on coming and they were getting more disturbing!

I thought this was quite strange and a little worrying. I ssh’d onto my server and started checking through the Varnish access log.

The following IP address was being used to post the comments.

I searched online to find the IP Address and it came up with the following results:

i.e. that it was owned by Dixons Stores Group, Stevenage. Which means somebody from PC World in the Stevenage store was defacing my blog to get at me!

I also tracked the comments down to articles from David Thorn’s blog http://www.27bslash6.com/frogs.html

At first one of the PC World support agents, Matt Bagshaw, said that he’d sort the misdelivery out and called me to apologise for his company defacing my blog.

I said that I was willing to be patient but three weeks later I still don’t have my Mac Mini and there hasn’t been any compensation or decent apology from the PC World branch in Stevenage that defaced this blog.

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  2. I have checked and the IP actually belongs to Newark on Trent PC World. The reason you found Stevenage is because that is where the block of IPs are registered to and obviously their offices are there. The PC world you want to talk to is in Newark

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